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Voices of Customers お客様の声


We are so happy to hear the impression from customer.

“This is so cool – I love it!”

“It’s beautiful and it fits perfectly. I showed it to everyone, because so far they had only seen the pictures and the video we have made together so seeing the real one was very surprising for them. ”

(I lost no time in playing Fountain ring in my kitchen!!!!!)

(I was really impressed with Butterfly-shaped fountain.)

(I demonstrated immediately and my daughter was delighted.)

(I hastened to play with Spider ring under tap water. While looking forward to arriving the ring, I was making a fountain with a spoon. This is a Christmas present for myself. I will treasure this.)


「さっそく、水の蝶々とたわむれましたよ~♪ これはとっても楽し~い!!!仕事中でも、ちょっとの休憩で癒されそうです。プレゼントしたら喜ばれそうですよねぇ。お花の形とか増えたら、是非お花好きな母や友人に贈りたい!と思いました」
(I have already played with water butterfly. This is very fun!!! Making a fountain even in a short time makes me feel better in my office. I think fountain ring is appreciated as a gift. When you release a new Fountain ring that makes flower-shape fountain, I will choose it to my mother and friends.)

(Continue to develop various rings.)

(The gift was a great success. My daughter who watched the television with me noticed and excited, saying “This is the ring!” We went to the kitchen. My wife wondered what it was, but surprised when the ring makes a butterfly. She enjoyed many times. )

“I have received the ring and given to my girlfriend. When we made the first butterfly fountain, it is really cool and my girlfriend felt surprised. The ring is really a perfect present.”

(Thank you very the really great ring! I’ll treasure this.)